IMC 2007 Annual Report

from International Medical Corps
Published on 25 Aug 2008 View Original

Dear Friend of International Medical Corps,

As International Medical Corps approaches the quarter century milestone of delivering lifesaving emergency programs around the globe, we look back at 2007 with great pride in our achievements: helping millions of people in the 25 countries and regions where we operate to recover from crisis and live healthier, more productive lives.

Yet the challenges to providing health care through training remain significant. Existing conflicts intensified this past year across Africa, in places like Sudan, Chad, and the Central African Republic, as well as the Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia. And at the end of the year, violence erupted in once-stable Kenya, reverberating throughout the region. The ongoing conflict in Iraq has devastated its population and health care system and forced massive displacement, putting severe strain on neighboring Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. Meantime, countries like Indonesia and Myanmar suffered from natural disasters including floods and repeated earthquakes.

Despite operating in such difficult and dangerous environments, International Medical Corps' dedicated staff and volunteers responded rapidly and effectively in delivering emergency and long-term assistance, working with local communities to rebuild their health care systems, long after the emergency phase has ended, to help individuals and communities get back on their feet. That has been our mission since International Medical Corps was founded in 1984, and we remain deeply committed to that mission today.

The following pages highlight International Medical Corps' efforts over the past year to mobilize in crisis, deliver primary and mental health care services that target the most vulnerable populations such as women and children, and strengthen the capacity of local providers and institutions so that they can return to self-reliance.

It is through the generous support of individuals, corporations, foundations, governmental agencies, and others, that we are able to continue these life-saving efforts and tackle new challenges as they arise.

On behalf of all International Medical Corps volunteers, staff, and those we help, thank you for making our work possible.


Robert Simon, M.D. Founder & Chairman
Nancy A. Aossey President & CEO


In 2007, international medical Corps implemented programs in 25 countries and regions, helping hard-hit communities recover, rebuild, and care for themselves. The following represent just a few snapshots of our successes in the past year:

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