IBC with its partners in northern Iraq runs for the needs of refugees

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International Blue Crescent Humanitarian Relief and Development Foundation has started delivery of humanitarian relief in Northern Iraq.
IBC partners Amal and Turcoman Foundation have started to respond to the help of refugees fled to the Turkish and Iranian Border areas. Teams in Sulaimaniah, Erbil, Kifri, Clar are completed their first assesments.

Since the beginning of US attack more than 45000 people from Kirkuk, Mosul, Erbil and Sulaimaniah moved to the North around the Tukish and Iranian border remote areas.

Amal is establishing a camp in Shaklawa with a capacity of 1000 people..

IBC and its partners in Northern Iraq are using the warehouses of IBC in Silopi Turkey for stockpile and logisttics and through these warehouses and permissions of Turcoman and Amal foundations delivering all relief materials to Northen Iraq.

On the other hand IBC is the only Turkish NGO does assesment about the hospital needs in Border areas Hakkari, Mardin and Batman and dealing with emergency equipping of the hospitals too.

Two areas one in Silopi and the other in Hakkari will be IBC response centers in the event refugees flee to Turkish soil.

The urgent emergency needs for Northern Iraq are:

- 200 tents for Shaklawa camp
- 100 tent for Sulaimaniah camp
- 500 tents for Erbil camp
- 500 tnts for Clar camp
- 5000 first adi kits
- Ready to Eat meals for 30.000 people daily
- Atropin injections
- 1000 gas masks

The new assesments will be reported on a permanent basis.

IBC and its local partners warehouses are in Silopi (Turkey), Erbil, Sulaimaniah .

Warehouses are fully guarded and more than 100 staff is dealing with assesment, distribution and reporting.

We believe that priority we have to give for the emergency ready to eat meals, bread, blankets, tents and clean water for the moment.

Scores of foreign NGO's responded positively to our calls to assist the Northern Iraqi and Iraqi refugees.

Malteser Germany provided water purification units(capable for provision of water to 20000 people daily) and medical kits with a capacity of 10.000 people for six months.These materials have been transferred to Erbil already.

Other NGO's have pledged food,hygienic kits,baby foods and tents..

IBC has provided details of the operation in the appeal on the web site (

The main problem with the issue is that all NGO's are waiting for the last moment and that causes for loss of time..In such a case huge human losses at the first days is inevitable.

For that reason IBC has planned to have the stockpiles in Silopi and be ready for intervention on the first days properly.


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