HOC-Kuwait Update 30 Apr 2003

Situation Report
Originally published


Operational Summary

Coalition to engage resistance

Still daily attacks on forces

CA soldier injured

Coalition forces return fire in Al Fallujah

Coalition forces came under AK-47 fire

Exercised right of self defense

Civilian casualties cannot be confirmed

Security Situation Update

Travel in Iraq entails risk

Variety of armed gunmen remain at large

  • Regime Death Squad Members

  • Paramilitary forces

  • Foreign mercenaries

  • Criminal element
Vehicle accidents

Close interaction with HOC prior to departure is highly recommended to ensure receipt of the most recent security updates

Permissive Cities

Al Amarah
Al Fallujah
Al Hillah
Al Qa'im
Al Habbiniyah
An Najaf
An Nasiriyah
Ah Humza
Ar Ramadi
Ar Rutbah
Ash Shumali
As Samawah
As Sulimaniyah
As Sumali
Az Zubayr

Significant CMO/Civil Developments

Ministry controlling flood peak on Tigris River

Final winter crop irrigation cycle completed

Rail condition update

Three damaged, but passable, areas near As Samawah

Saudi Arabian telethon on 27 Apr

Reportedly raised at least $2.3 million (US)

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