For the future of Iraq

News and Press Release
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Rising from the ashes of World War II with the support and cooperation of many countries in the world, Japan has built today's peace and prosperity as a technology country represented by its cars, information products and electronic consumer goods.

On the basis of our experience, we believe that reconstruction of a peaceful Iraq is necessary not only for the peace and stability of the entire Middle East region and the international community but also for the peace and prosperity of Japan itself. In cooperation with other countries, therefore, we plan to provide active assistance to Iraq with Japan Self-Defense Forces troops and civilians as well as with financial aid so Iraq can rebuild itself as soon as possible and its people can live in a free and prosperous society without concerns about their present or their future.

The activities of the Self-Defense Forces in Iraq will focus on humanitarian and reconstruction assistance and are designed solely to help the people of Iraq in their attempt to rebuild their own country.

For more than 10 years since 1992, the Self-Defense Forces have provided a variety of assistance to Cambodia, Zaire (the present Democratic Republic of the Congo), East Timor and many other countries, airlifting aid supplies, repairing and improving roads, transporting goods on the ground, supplying medical aid and preventing the outbreak and spread of diseases. We are convinced that these experiences will prove to be of valuable service in the reconstruction of Iraq.