Families Flee Mosul Prompting Humanitarian Crisis

As thousands of families began fleeing Mosul, Relief International’s medical teams raced toward the crisis.

United Nations officials estimate that up to 200,000 people could flood newly liberated areas, leading to what they predict will be the largest humanitarian crisis in recent months. As many as 1.5 million people ultimately could be affected.

Relief International has been assisting displaced Iraqis since they began escaping from Mosul in July 2016. As one of the organizations best positioned to respond, RI mobilized quickly when the military campaign to retake the northern Iraqi city began in mid-October. RI teams are expanding into newly critical areas to provide individuals with frontline medical services, including first aid and immediate trauma relief.

As they flee, civilians in Mosul will almost certainly be forced to cross lines of conflict, exposing them to cross-fire, sniper attacks and landmines. Officials fear that tens of thousands of children, women and men could be trapped between fighters or used as human shields.

Survivors are expected to arrive severely traumatized, and in desperate need of water and lifesaving medicines – items in gravely short supply. Relief International has prepositioned 10,000 sets of bottled water and critical medications, but much, much more is needed.

Please give now to help civilians in Mosul and others in crisis.

For more information or to arrange interviews with RI teams on the ground, please contact Michele Kayal at, 202-503-1244.