Essian Formal Camp Profile, Ninewa Governorate: Iraq Internal Displacement Crisis January 2015

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Essian IDP camp opened on 22/12/2014 as a formal site for internally displaced persons (IDPs) who had settled in the area. The main area of origin of the resident IDPs is Sinjar, Ninewa Governorate.

Primary data was collected through household surveys from 12 - 14/01/2015. Additional information from camp managers, marked (*) is correct as of 13/01/2015.

Key Developments

As reported in household surveys WASH is a key area for improvement. 13% said they had not had enough drinking water in the past week to meet their household needs and 16% said they did not have sufficient water for purposes other than drinking. Lack of education also remains a serious concern. 86% of households said they had received NFI assistance, including hygiene kits received by 29%, clothing by 10% and footware by 3%.

6% of households had received a food package consisting of less than a standard Family Food Parcel (staple carbohydrates, dry pulses, oil, sugar and iodized salt).

30% of households had at least one member with a serious medical condition, 26% of households had a pregnant or lactating woman, 22% had at least one member missing civil documentation and 14% a member with a physical or mental disability