Emergency Livelihoods Cluster (ELC) - Iraq: Process Flow of Livelihoods Interventions, May 2022



NGO Selection & Qualifications

  • Experience in the sector
  • Personnel capacity
  • Annual Budget
  • Experience with donors
  • Coordination and memberships

Community Engagement

  • Equal opportunity and inclusion
  • Access to Information
  • Coordination with local actors
  • Keeping balance between different community groups

Market & Labor Need Assessment

  • how vulnerable community members meet their needs
  • what are the common professions
  • what are the wages like (skilled/ unskilled)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Household vulnerability
  • Disability vulnerability
  • Shelter vulnerability
  • Income

Determining Wage & Workload

  • Wages set below the national minimum wage by 10%

Determining Employment Opportunities

  • Flexible selection Criteria to include most vulnerable
  • Considering the context, giving women societal gender roles or the opposite

Design and Implementation

  • Management and staffing
  • Transportation
  • Tools and Materials
  • Health and Security

Modality and Delivery Mechanism

  • Contracting
  • Agreement with Government Offices
  • Payment modiality and documentation
  • Safety and payment security

Monitoring and Feedback

  • Documentation (tasks, hours, names, dates.. etc)
  • Beneficiary Selection
  • PDM and Impact Assessment