DTM Emergency Tracking - Movement of Camp IDPs, 15 Aug - 22 Oct 2019

from International Organization for Migration
Published on 22 Oct 2019 View Original

Between August 15 and October 22 2019, DTM tracked 16,636 households who left camps for non-camp settings.

These departures have occurred mainly in Ninewa and Salah Al-Din with a few in Anbar. As of now, most of the departures occurred from Airstrip, followed by Hamam Al-Alil 1 and Jeddah 6, which are now closed.
In Ninewa, as mentioned, Airstrip and Hamam Al-Alil 1 are closed, and so are Salamyiah Nimrud, Jeddah 6, 4, 3 and 2. In Salah Al-Din, Al-Bsateen camp has been closed, and so are Al Qadisya and Al-Alam camps.

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