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Displacement Tracking Matrix : Iraqi Returnees from abroad | Dashboard - July 2021


From May 2018 to July 2021, 33,098 Iraqi returnees from abroad were identified in 17 Governorates, 67 Districts and 595 locations. During this reporting period, IOM Iraq achieved full country coverage.

Most of the returnees from abroad were recorded in the governorates of Ninewa (48%), Thi-Qar (39%) and Anbar (5%). Of those returnees recorded in Ninewa, 66 per cent were recorded in the district of Telafar, while 24 per cent were recorded in Sinjar. In Thi-Qar, 88 per cent were recorded in the district of Nassriya, while 7 per cent were recorded in Suq Al-Shoyokh. Finally, in Anbar, 51 per cent returned to the district of Ana while 26 per cent were in Al-Ka'im. The majority of returnees (58%) were identified as having come from two countries: Turkey (37%) and the Syrian Arab Republic (21%).

Definition: The term "Iraqi returnees from abroad", also referred to as "returnees" in this document, refers to former Iraqi migrants (including former refugees and asylum seekers) who returned to Iraq from a foreign country during the reporting period. This group does not include individuals that had previously been identified as internally displaced persons (IDPs) within Iraq.