Displacement of Shabak & Turkmen Shi’a Minorities from Tal Afar & Ninewa Plains (June - 18 August 2014)

from REACH Initiative
Published on 18 Aug 2014 View Original


The takeover of the city of Mosul on 6 June by Armed Opposition Groups (AOGs), and intense fighting in Tal Afar on 16 June displaced an estimated total of more than 500,000 people. Tal Afar and the Ninewa Plains, an area located east of Mosul and proximate to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), are home to a variety of religious and ethnic minorities, including Shabak and Turkmen populations, who had to escape the conflict. Both Iraqi Turkmen, who are Iraq’s third minority group, and Shabak people, include a significant proportion of Shia Muslims, whose displacement patterns were found to be distinct from that of other minority groups.

Initially sheltered by other minorities located throughout Ninewa Governorate during the early stages of the conflict in June, the majority of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) then fled to Shia-majority governorates in the south of Iraq when AOGs expanded their presence further into the Ninewa Plains. It is now estimated that 30,000 Shabak and Turkmen Shia displaced families, located in central and southern Iraq, are living in precarious conditions and in dire need of support.

Through key informant interviews conducted by REACH enumerators in northern and southern Iraq, this brief outlines the overall trends of displacement of Shabak and Turkmen Shia communities originating from the Ninewa Plains and Tal Afar area.