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Hilary Benn's Visit to Iraq

Hilary Benn, Secretary of State for International Development, visited Baghdad and Basra on 22-23 March. He met members of the Governing Council, Ministers and representatives of non-Government organisations and women's groups, as well as senior staff in the Coalition Provisional Authority. He also visited development projects, and held discussions with British staff in CPA South in Basra. The issues under discussion included progress on reconstruction, the political process and security, and how donors' relations with the Iraqi Government will evolve following the transfer of legislative and executive authority at the end of June.

DFID Multilateral Funding

DFID has increased it's initial contribution to the International Reconstruction Fund Facility for Iraq (IRFFI) from £65 million to £70 million. £40 million of this money will be allocated to the Trust Fund managed by the World Bank, and £30 million to the Fund managed by the United Nations.

DFID's contributions to IRRFI will be available for spending on priorities identified by the Iraqi authorities across a wide range of sectors, including: health, education, water and sanitation, rural development, power supply, refugees and internally displaced people, mine clearance, government capacity-building, human rights, justice, gender, and media development.

DFID has also agreed to provide £8.5 million to the International Finance Corporation for a programme to support small and medium enterprises in Iraq. This facility will improve access to finance for small businesses through local financial institutions. It will also help build capacity within the Iraqi financial system for small business funding. With current estimates of unemployment and under-employment at around 50%, private sector growth and employment creation is much needed in Iraq.

United Nations

A United Nations team, led by Secretary-General Kofi Annan's Special Adviser Lakhdar Brahimi, will return to Baghdad shortly to work with the Iraqis on the political transitional arrangements to be put in place on the formation of an Iraqi Government on 30 June. Mr Brahimi's team will be joined by a UN electoral assistance team which will help in the preparations for direct elections, due to take place before the end of January 2005.

Meanwhile the UN is continuing its longer-term planning for a return to Iraq of international staff working on humanitarian and reconstruction programmes, who were withdrawn for security reasons last year.


The reconstruction of the Al Mat Bridge is now complete with the opening of all four lanes on 3 March. This bridge, on the main road between Baghdad and the Jordanian border, is used by more than 3,000 lorries daily.



DFID's strategy for working in Iraq is set out in our Interim Country Assistance Plan which was published in February. It is available on DFID's website ( )


At the Madrid Donors' Conference in October 2003, the Government announced a total UK pledge of £544 million towards the reconstruction effort in Iraq up to March 2006. This sum included £248 million that DFID, FCO and MOD had already committed during 2003 for humanitarian and reconstruction work, and £29 million as our share of projected European Community spending on Iraq.

DFID has now committed over £278 million for humanitarian and reconstruction assistance. This includes a £70 million contribution to the International Reconstruction Fund Facility for Iraq (IRFFI), divided £40 million to the World Bank Trust Fund, and £30 million to the United Nations Trust Fund. Further DFID contributions to IRFFI from the Madrid pledge will be considered in view of the effectiveness of its operations and its need for additional funding.

DFID currently provides 19% of European Community (EC) funding for Iraq. The EC's current commitment stands at €100 million in humanitarian assistance for 2003, plus €200 million for reconstruction assistance up to the end of 2004.

Staff Deployments To Iraq

DFID secondees to the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad currently fill the posts of: Director of Operations, Policy Adviser, Financial Adviser, Senior Adviser and Institutional Development Adviser to the Ministry of Public Works, Electricity Adviser, Gender Adviser and Logistics Manager for the food Public Distribution System.

12 secondees, directly employed by DFID, are filling a range of posts in CPA South in Basra; and six such secondees are working in CPA Governorate offices in Dhi Qar, Kirkuk and Wasit. A further 25 posts in the CPA in Basra are currently being filled through a DFID contact with the Crown Agents.

DFID's own office in Baghdad is now staffed by six UK-based officials.


World Food Programme
Food pre-positioning for 250,000 for ten weeks. Upgrading logistics and communications capacity. Activating UN Joint Logistics Centre (UNJLC) and UN Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS).
United Nations Children's Fund
Pre-positioning supplies (health kits, birthing kits, therapeutic milk, high protein biscuits, hygiene supplies and mobile water purification units, school in a box, and NFIs. Developing campaign for mine awareness. Enhance capacity of field offices.
United Nations High Commission for Refugees  
Winter kits for 350,000. Procurement of remaining kits for target caseload of 600,000. Site identification and deployment of additional emergency officers.
World Health Organisation  
24 emergency health kits pre-positioned. Training on communicable diseases and awareness for CBW. Need to preposition 76 additional health kits and 20 surgical kits. Strengthen field operations, logistics, communications.
Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs  
Deployment of personnel to Country Teams and Larnaca. Deploy IRIN officers to Cyprus, Turkey, and Jordan. Develop public information capacity.
Office of the United Nations Security Co-ordinator  
Enhance current security structure with 1 Regional Security Coordination Officer, 6 Field Security Officers, oversight and training.
Total for UN Preparedness


Food and Agriculture Organisation  
Support to agricultural and poultry production in war-affected areas of southern Iraq to boost food security and contribute to improving the nutritional status of project beneficiaries in areas targeted.
World Food Programme  
Support to enable the procurement, transport and distribution of foodstuffs, including operational and logistical support. Support to the provision of the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service and the United Nations Joint Logistics Centre.
World Health Organisation  
Support to the implementation of policy and the operation of the health system, in close cooperation with new national and local authorities, including assessing overall health needs as well as the overall capacity of the Iraqi health structures
United Nations Development Programme  
Emergency assistance in the electricity sector focusing on Central and Southern Iraq. Work includes assessments and rapid rehabilitation of facilities.
UNDP Assistance to Electricity Sector Phase Two 
United Nations Children's Fund  
Support to key activities in water and emergency sanitation, routine immunisation and mine risk education throughout Iraq.
UNICEF Water and Environmental Sanitation  
Emergency water and environment sanitation project for supplying potable water to schools and affected households of Baghdad and in the governorates of Dialla, Kerbala, and Salaheddin.
United Nations Mines Advisory Service  
Support to mine clearance activities and mine action co-ordination throughout Iraq.
Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs  
Support of information, coordination and technology in Iraq and the region.
Office of the United Nations Security Co-ordinator  
Provide an interim security capability in Iraq. Develop a UN security management structure, capacity to monitor security; provide security advice, develop security structures and procedures.
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights  
Promotion of human rights, protection/assistance to vulnerable groups and to raise awareness and development of national human rights capacity.
United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM)  
Develop and implement a strategy for promoting women's rights in post conflict Iraq.
United Nations Mines Advisory Service  
To provide 20,000 units of plastic explosive for use by UNMAS in Iraq to destroy mines and other UXO.
To set up an improved security coordination and management system for Iraq.
UNDP Wreck Survey
To undertake a detailed survey of 20 wrecks in Iraqi waterways
UNDP Umm Qasr Fleet Management
To ensure the safety of the port of Umm Qasr through careful planning and implementation of dredging work.
United Nations Environment Progamme  
To assist post conflict authorities to address immediate and long term environmental threats to sustainable development.
United Nations Development Programme
Iraq Reconstruction and Employment Programme (IREP)
To provide rapid employment and income-earning opportunities for unemployed workers in southern Iraq.
Total to UN Agencies for Consolidated Appeal: 

International Reconstruction Fund Facility For Iraq (IRFFI)
United Nations Development Programme
World Bank
Trust Fund payments to be managed by the United Nations and World Bank focusing on public service provision.
Total to IRFFI

International Federation of the Red Cross 
Support to pre-positioning stocks, deployment of delegates, as well as disaster preparedness/response activities of the relevant National Societies.
International Committee of the Red Cross
Support to pre-positioning stocks, deployment of delegates, emergency medical support, water and sanitation, protection and assistance activities.
Total Red Cross

Emergency health, mobile units, rapid health assessments
International Medical Corps  
Emergency Trauma care, primary care for under-5s and pregnant woman and obstetric care
Save the Children UK  
Health, non-food items and tracing
HelpAge International  
Non-food items, shelter to elderly IDPs and their dependents
Assistance and Primary Health Care to southern Iraq
War Child  
Emergency bakeries programme
Assistance to IDPs in northern Iraq
Mines Advisory Group  
Mine action preparedness, mine marking and deployment of coordinators to centre/south Iraq
Assistance to vulnerable women in northern Iraq 
Rehabilitation of water, sanitation and health facilities in centre/south Iraq.
MAG Northern Iraq Demining Teams
To support three mine action teams to cover de-mining in the Mosul area.
Enhance existing Iraqi Ministry of Health outbreak preparedness and response capacity to prevent diarrhoeal disease in Baghdad city and Al-Anbar governorate.
Rehabilitation of Water Units Rehabilitation of water supply units in Al-Muthana and Al-Najaf governorates.
Muslim Hands International  
Rehabilitation of four schools in Al-Falluja.
International Medical Corps
Humanitarian risk reduction support to Iraqi vulnerable population.
People in Need Foundation  
Emergency rehabilitation of five Primary Health Centres (PHC).
SCF Emergency Health Sector  
Emergency health support to seriously sick children affected by the conflict and post-war insecurity in Iraq.
Solidarite Sanitation Programme 
Sanitation programme to restore and maintain the sewage capacity of storm water networks in four secondary towns of the Babil governorate.
Provide medical and sanitary support to refugees In Iran
Provide educational support, training and equipment for Iraqi refugees.
Mines Advisory Group (MAG)
To support three mine action teams to cover de-mining in central and southern Iraq.
Total NGOs 

DFID secondments/consultants, security, miscellaneous costs etc.
Total DFID Secondments/Miscellaneous Costs 


Recovery Infrastructure Group (RIG)  
Design and implement recovery and infrastructure projects to assist the CPA in its programme of post-conflict recovery.
Governorate Teams South 
Support Governorate teams in CPA South - Maysan, Muthanna, Thi Qar, and Basrah.
IMF Economic Management  
Provide capacity and support to the Iraqi administration on key issues of economic governance and financial management.
Institute of War and Peace Reporting  
One-year programme for training journalists.
BBC World Service Trust 
(i) Emergency radio programme & media audit.

(ii) Re-establishment of radio and television broadcasting capacity in the southern Iraq.



Restoring Essential Services  
Consulting services, equipment, spare parts and rehabilitation works to improve service delivery in the power, fuel and water sectors in southern Iraq.
Emergency Public Administration Programme  
Institutional support, to strengthen the capacity of the Iraqi civil service to perform its key functions and co-ordinate the reconstruction effort.
Support to Justice Sector
International Legal Assistance Consortium (ILAC) programme to provide training in international human rights law to Iraqi judges, lawyers and prosecutors and support judicial institution building. 
Political Participation Fund
Support to increase opportunities for political representation and participation by all Iraqi citizens.
International Finance Facility
Total Other Reconstruction Work

Summary of DFID contribution to humanitarian aid and reconstruction in Iraq 
UN Preparedness  
UN Agencies for 2003 Appeal
International Reconstruction Fund
Facility for Iraq (IRFFI)
UN and World Bank Trust Funds
Red Cross 
DFID Secondments, Security, Miscellaneous Costs etc.
Other Reconstruction Work 

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