Demarche by the Presidency on behalf of the EU regarding Iraq

5963/03 (Presse 28)
Brussels, 4 February 2003 - The EU Presidency today carried out a Demarche to Iraqi Missions in Athens, Brussels and New York on the basis of the following elements :

"The European Union is deeply concerned about the Iraqi crisis. Time is running out. UNSCR 1441 gave Iraq a final opportunity to disarm peacefully. If it does not take this chance it will carry the responsibility for all the consequences.

Iraq must completely disarm itself of WMD. We want to achieve this in a peaceful way. This is only possible if Iraq fully, unconditionally and immediately complies with all relevant Resolutions of the Security Council, in particular with UNSCR 1441 of 8 November 2002. Iraq must therefore come into such full and immediate compliance with its disarmament obligations.

We fully support Dr Blix and Dr ElBaradei in their mission in accordance with UNSCR 1441. The Iraqi authorities must, as an imperative, provide the inspectors, immediately, with all additional and complete information on questions raised by the international community, including the issues raised by the inspectors themselves in their report to the Security Council on 27 January, and co-operate proactively."

Further to the GAERC conclusions of 27 January, the Acceding Countries Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia, the Associated Countries Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey align themselves with the demarche carried out on 4 February by the EU Presidency.