Covid-19 MdM response - Activity update - 29th June 2020 [EN/AR]

Situation Report
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MdM team has been adjusting its response to the COVID-19 sudden outbreak since March 2020 through providing community awareness and supporting the DoH in responding to the crisis at the PHCC level.

Meanwhile, it is important to make sure that the health care services continue to be provided, especially for the most vulnerable populations. Therefore, MdM has been supporting the DoH staff in the PHCCs to ensure the continuation of the provided services, including general health, sexual and reproductive health and mental health and psychosocial support.

A good example is the rehabilitation work done in Qoshqaya PHCC (Kirkuk governorate) which was completed last week with support of MdM (see pictures). The objective is that people in need are able to receive quality health care services, even during COVID-19 period.


24/02/2020: First case of Covid-19 recorded in Iraq in Najaf city, coming from Iran.

Since 14/03, curfews, lock downs and airport closure are in place to limit the spread of the disease.

05/06/2020: 9846 confirmed cases, 285 fatalities and 4573 recoveries. 29/06/2020: 49109 confirmed cases, 1943 fatalities and 24760 recoveries. The number of cases is rapidly increasing, although it is not sure how COVID-19 will evolve.