Civilian Character of Camps Incident Tracking Matrix, Q3 2019 – Quarterly Report

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Protection Cluster, CCCM Cluster
Published on 01 Nov 2019 View Original

The Civilian Character of Camps Incident Tracking Matrix is a joint initiative of the CCCM and Protection Clusters focusing on incidents related to armed military/security actors’ presence in camps. The tool aims to consistently track incidents, gauge trends and inform HC/HCT advocacy to uphold the civilian and humanitarian character of camps. The Matrix is not a response mobilization tool; instead, remedial interventions continue to take place at the local level, including through referral to protection partners. The tool was piloted across all Ninewa camps in 2018; and in April-May 2019, the Protection and CCCM Clusters rolled it out through trainings across Iraq.