CCCM Cluster Transition: Coordination guidance for CCCM partners working in informal sites - Revised CCCM governorate & area-level coordination engagement, July 2022


Context: It is planned that the current humanitarian coordination architecture in Iraq be deactivated and/or transitioned at the end of 2022, with Clusters transitioning and the current national- and governorate-level InterCluster Coordination Groups ceasing. The CCCM Cluster in Iraq will deactivate at the end of 2022, transitioning relevant coordination responsibilities to CCCM agencies continuing implementation in camps and informal sites in 2023. As of June 2022, three CCCM partners are working in 77 informal sites across five governorates, with funding confirmed until at least mid-2023. As humanitarian coordination structures are reducing in 2022, and shifting to align with the evolving durable solutions coordination structures in Iraq, the CCCM Cluster is adjusting the CCCM governorate coordination structure supporting CCCM informal sites response. This adjustment aims to ensure sustainable CCCM engagement in relevant coordination structures into 2023.

Revised CCCM focal point system: In the governorates where there is CCCM programming in informal sites, the CCCM focal point function will switch from the current Governorate CCCM Cluster Focal Points from UNHCR, to sitting with the organizations implementing CCCM response. CCCM organizations with continued programming in informal sites will take up, or continue in, governorate-level coordination focal point roles, representing their organization and the CCCM response. CCCM organizations will also seek to engage with the Area-Based Coordination (ABC) groups, where they exist, to ensure that CCCM issues and informal site populations are considered in the coordination and programmatic prioritization of the ABC and durable solutions actors. For the remainder of 2022, the national CCCM Cluster will continue to support the CCCM focal points in both carrying out the governorate- and area-level coordination engagement and raising and advocating on issues at a national level. In 2023, IOM will support with representation of informal site issues in national-level forums.