CCCM Cluster Iraq Informal Sites Overview | September 2021

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The total population living in informal sites has decreased slightly in 2021 compared to 2020: from 104,000 individuals in October 2020 to 103,000 in September 2021. More pronounced population changes (increases as well as decreases) were recorded at governorate level, influenced primarily by return movements and secondary displacement from camp closures.

Informal site size: average site size is 37 HH (216 individuals) nationally, but varies significantly between governorates: from 118 HH in Anbar, to 43 HH in Ninewa, and 20 HH in Duhok.

Anbar governorate hosts the most populated sites, including "Kilo 7" (7 killo-al-mojamaa al-sakany) in Al-Ramadi district (4,621 ind.) and the 10 Beizeibz sites (in total 6,524 ind.) in Al-Falluja district. In Ninewa governorate, the Jebel Sinjar area in Al-Shamal sub-district hosts 8,012 individuals living in 13 informal sites.

District breakdown: Over two-thirds (68%) of all people living in informal sites reside in seven districts: 16% of all individuals live in Sumail in Duhok governorate, 14% in Al-Falluja in Anbar, 12% in Sinjar in Ninewa.