CCCM Cluster & HLP Sub-Cluster Iraq: Question & Answer note on Housing, Land, and Property (HLP) concerns for CCCM organizations working in informal sites in Iraq | v1.1

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This Q&A note is the result of a discussion between CCCM partners (ACTED, Blumont, IOM, REACH) and the HLP Sub-Cluster Coordinator (Muslim Qazimi, UN-Habitat) under the Informal Sites Technical Working Group (TWiG) of the CCCM Cluster. The note summarizes discussions held in an online meeting of the TWiG on 18 August 2020, with additional details being added after. The note was drafted at the request of and for CCCM partners, but has relevance to organizations implementing other sectoral interventions.

CCCM & HLP activities overview

The HLP Sub-Cluster and its partners are engaged in informal sites work providing HLP support and legal assistance. During the discussion the HLP SC clarified that it is not part of their mandate to deal and address the general issue of illegal construction, building permissions and other urban related issues in informal sites. HLP Sub-Cluster and its partners do provide, on regular basis, support and updates on the humanitarian needs that IDPs are facing related to HLP. As IDPs are living in informal sites, the HLP SC and its partners provide HLP support to them with regards to identification and resolution of HLP issues, provision of legal assistance, counselling and guidance, carry out HLP awareness raising, restoration of HLP documentation, support on tenure agreements between owners and tenants, receive referals on HLP from non-HLP parntners, etc., but is limited to HLP issues related to the humanitarian context. Any activity related to development (including settlement and legalization of buildings) and upgrade of the informal sites is not part of their mandate. UN-Habitat has been more actively engaged on urban planning, informal settlement and relevant issues, and limited to some governorates.