Cash Working Group (CWG) Iraq - Terms of Reference, May 2021

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Terms of Reference (ToR) 2021


The Iraq Cash Working Group (CWG) was established in August 2014 as a technical working group within the Inter Cluster Coordination Group (ICCG) to support Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) programming in Iraq, including coordination of Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance (MPCA), which has been a major component of the Iraq response. As of 2021, the CWG reports to the ICCG, with regular updates to the ICCG and the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT). This ToR should be revised annually, or as required.


The overall objective of the CWG is to support the effective and efficient implementation, delivery and quality CVA in Iraq under the overall strategic and programmatic direction of the HCT/ICCG. The CWG will achieve this by working across two pillars of action: Strategic and technical/operational. As defined by the 2021 HRP, the key plan for the humanitarian response, the CWG coordinates and provides technical and strategic guidance to all CVA implementing partners and clusters. The CWG also provides operational coordination and guidance to MPCA.

CWG structure

The CWG is comprised of

1) The CWG team which are staff members whose time is either fully or partially dedicated to supporting the functioning of the CWG at national or sub-national level. Usually the CWG team is formed by 2 co-leads and 1 Information Management Officer.

2) The CWG assembly which is made up of all members and observers who are interested and willing to engage at national and sub-national level.

3) Task forces, when relevant.

Further details of the CWG structure and roles/responsibilities can be found in the annexes I “CWG governance structure”

CWG lead organizations

The CWG is currently chaired by the World Food Program (WFP) and Mercy Corps. The lead organizations were selected in 2020 and the tenure is currently open-ended. Elections for new coleads will take place when one of the co-lead organizations does not have more resources, there is no more interest in co-leading or if there is any other organization interested in leading the group. In case of elections, any CWG member can present its application of interest in a form prepared by the co-leads. Each CWG member has 2 votes.

The selected co-lead organizations must fully commit to lead the group for the established period of time. This includes providing the needed resources, including two full-time CWG co-leads and one Information Manager Officer.

The CWG co-leads are the key focal points for the CWG. They are responsible for facilitating the working group and encouraging wide participation from relevant actors.

Key tasks include:

o Ensure the CWG meetings are relevant and add value to CVA in Iraq;

o Establish dialogue with authorities on CVA for delivery of humanitarian assistance;

o Develop CWG annual workplans and manage the national CWG team;

o Represent the CWG in the ICCG, HRP and humanitarian pooled fund processes;

o Provide active support to sub-national CWGs, as needed;

o Maintain the Iraq CWG online portal, including:

o Sharing lessons learned and best practices of past and ongoing CVA in Iraq; relevant research/assessments on CVA; 4Ws, Survival Minimum Expenditure Basket, maps and other CWG products; updated contact details for team members; planned training activities; any other pertinent information.

o Support working group members to explore key thematic areas related to CVA in Iraq;

o Support the humanitarian community in harmonization of methods and tools. Please refer to the CWG coordinators ToRs (annex II for more details)