Camp Disinfection and Decommissioning Considerations during times of COVID-19

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Conflict affected populations in Iraq, particularly IDPs and refugees in and out of camps and recent returnees, are already faced with public health risks associated with diseases outbreaks. The situation is currently exacerbated by specific vulnerabilities and challenges related to COVID-19, putting more strains on the IDPs, returnees and refugees, and services provided to support them. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, health and safety standards through all activities need to be raised to mitigate the risks for infection spread in construction activities. As conflict-affected populations residing in camps begin to return, clusters need to start considering how to implement camp decommissioning measures in a safe and organized manner that considers the importance of COVID-19 safety procedures, while also adhering to existing camp decommissioning technical guidelines prepared by the cluster. This document is an addendum to the WASH Cluster Technical Guide for Camp Disinfection and Decommissioning in Iraq document to provide COVID-19 specific guidance