Camp Departure Follow-up Survey: 14 October - 19 January 2021 (Update 5)

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A Follow-Up Survey, jointly developed by the CCCM and Protection Clusters and the Iraq Information Centre (IIC), is conducted by the IIC with families around 2 weeks after their departure from camps. Calls are made based on contact details from the Camp Exit Survey conducted by participating camp management agencies as part of the camp departure process. Data is indicative only to the number of people reached by the IIC. Needs represented are for families who have departed to out-of-camp locations.

It includes all previous data, and newly includes additional data from Laylan IDP (Diyala) and Al Karama (Salah al Din), plus the first data from Al Salamyiah (Ninewa).

An interactive version of the full dashboard can be found here, and an overview of protection concerns here. IOM-DTM report on all movements here. The full dataset including individual referrals can be requested by humanitarian partners from the CCCM Cluster. Contact: