Brief Rapid Assessment Report Tinah – Ninewa Governorate September 21 2016

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Purpose of the assessment and description of the area:

The aim of this rapid brief assessment report is to capitalise on the findings that were identified during the visit to the town of Tinah and the nearby tented transitional IDP camp. Around 180 families are living in the transitional camp where that number has been fluctuating as ten days ago the number of camp residents was around 2000 individuals.

Access to the Ninewa governorate is restricted to a single military bridge that connects Haji Ali with Ijhallah which represents the only access to the newly retaken area from ISIS by the Iraqi Security Forces.

The town of Tinah is located within ISF controlled area. The roads are in very poor conditions and it’s expected to degrade even more with the current high volume of vehicle traffic both civilian and military. Travel time to Tinah (without delays at check points) is over 3 hours with a round trip of 260 Klms.


The rapid brief assessment was conducted by a team of health, GBV, MHPSS, logistics and security specialists to ensure comprehensive understanding of the needs of the population and accessibility to the beneficiaries and the area.

The assessment key findings were collected from discussions with key informants in Tinah village which includes the local Ninewa DOH personnel as well as local community members and the IDPs. Prior to the trip, there were also meetings and discussions with various representatives of UN and INGOs (e.g. NRC, WAHA, OXFAM, UNHCR, ERBIL MHPSS Working Group, WHO).