Ameriyat Al-Fallujah: IDP Needs and Challenges, May 2022



As Iraq continues to recover from the 2014 armed conflict with the so-called Islamic State,1 the Government of Iraq (GoI) has increasingly focused on returning internally displaced persons (IDPs) to their areas of origin (AoOs).2 Part of this strategy, as explained in the GoI's National Plan to end displacement, includes the closure of the remaining IDP camps across Iraq.3 On November 10, 2021, the last remaining IDP camp in Al-Anbar governorate, Ameriyat AlFallujah (AAF), was closed and reclassified as an informal site.4 Consequently, government services, including food provisions, ceased.5 As a result of these changes, REACH conducted an AMERIYAT AL-FALLUJAH: IDP NEEDS AND CHALLENGES assessment to identify needs and challenges faced by IDP families since camp closure to inform durable solutions policy and programmes.