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AmeriCares team departs for Turkey to assess refugee crisis

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The heightened conflict in Baghdad has prompted more Iraqis to flee the country. AmeriCares' partner in the region, the International Blue Crescent (IBC), reports more than 45,000 people from Northern Iraq cities have moved further north to the remote areas around the Turkish and Iranian border. Camps are being set up in the area and the IBC is currently assessing hospital needs in the region.
An AmeriCares relief team departs for Turkey later today to assess the developing humanitarian needs. While there, our relief team will meet with AmeriCares partners, the Turkish Ministry of Health (MOH), The Red Crescent (TRC) and the IBC. This weekend an AmeriCares air shipment of medical equipment, medicines, nutritionals, antibiotics, electrolytes, clothing and water carriers will depart JFK for the Turkish MOH and TRC. An additional shipment of blankets and a New Emergency Health Kit will be sent from AmeriCares' Amsterdam warehouse for TRC. A New Emergency Health Kit (NEHK) contains enough pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to support the health care needs of 10,000 people for a three month period. Click here to learn more about the NEHK.

AmeriCares continues to prepare for a possible mass refugee exodus into other bordering countries such as Jordan and Iran. An emergency aid shipment is currently being readied for our partner in Jordan should a refugee crisis occur there.