All Our Children hygiene material in immediate transit for Iraqi children

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SITUATION: Humanitarian assistance for the people of Iraq continues to be a primary concern.
RESPONSE: A CWS-funded shipment of 5.8 metric tons of laundry detergent and 5.5 metric tons of personal hygiene soap to be used for children in pediatric hospitals are bound for Baghdad, Iraq, today -- the first shipment, since the beginning of war, of aid materials facilitated by the "All Our Children" campaign that may arrive tomorrow in the Iraqi capital. CWS is a founding partner of the multi-agency campaign, which is based in Amman, the capital of Jordan.

CWS International Emergency Response Consultant Steve Weaver has worked, since October 2002, in Amman, Jordan and is serving as the field coordinator for the "All Our Children" campaign. "Security is assessed day to day," Weaver said. The material assistance will transit the Jordan-Iraq border overland by truck.

The shipment of soap and detergent will be distributed by CARE, which is working with the "All Our Children" campaign, and will be used to support UNICEF's child nutrition program in Iraq. "To break the cycle of malnutrition and diarrhea it is important to ensure good hygiene practices," Weaver said. "This project anticipates supporting 14,688 children over six months. It will be implemented in UNICEF nutrition rehabilitation wards in 68 pediatric and district hospitals throughout southern and central Iraq, as access allows."

The "All Our Children" campaign -- is a $1 million effort which will provide medical supplies to Iraqi children. This campaign continues the long-term commitment of CWS to assist with ongoing humanitarian needs in Iraq, regardless of what may happen militarily in the coming weeks. CWS has provided more than $3.8 million since 1991 for humanitarian assistance in Iraq.

The campaign assessments indicate that whatever happens in Iraq, there will still be a critical need for medicine/health related items in Iraqi health service institutions, particularly in improving curative health services for Iraqi children.

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