Action Medeor is supplying medical aid to the Kurd population in northern Iraq

The German medical aid organization action medeor is sending a first aid package to northern Iraq.
Dr. Nirz Miran, former health minister of the Kurd region, visited action medeor asking for help. The people there are afraid of another attack against the Kurds by Saddam Hussein should war become reality and many are already now fleeing towards the border of Turkey.

A health kit has been put together containing all basic medicines and medical equipment needed for 10.000 people over a period of 3 months. Tents and blankets are also included in the shipment and a number of gas masks have been ordered upon request.

Since the 1980s Dr. Miran has been helping victims of the chemical attacks, which took place during the Gulf war, and he has set up a hospital in Diana with several outposts. Mine victims are also being treated.

Further health kits and medicines are being prepared for partners in Amman, Jordan and to a location in southern Turkey. Medical support is also planned with the Kurdistan Health Foundation.

action medeor is collecting donations under the key word "Iraq".

(Bank: Volksbank Krefeld. Account number: 555 555 555 Bank code: 320 603 62)