ACFOA members providing humanitarian relief to Iraq and surrounding region 1 Apr 2003

ACFOA CONTACT: Ph: 02 6281 9200
Note: This is a summary from agencies active in Iraq and the region - it does not include all response activities by ACFOA members.

The following Australia agencies that are collecting donations to assist the people of Iraq are signatories to the ACFOA Code of Conduct which requires high standards of public accountability:

AngliCORD Contact: Greg Thompson Tel. (03) 9882 6517 or Mob. 0438 826 511

Supporting Action by Churches Together (ACT) network in Iraq and region and will consider an appeal based on need.

Tax deductible donations call 1800 249 880.

AUSTCARE (Australians' Caring for Refugees) Contact: Mike Smith Tel. (02) 9565 9111 or Mob. 0439 490 297

Monitoring the situation closely in Iraq, and has provision to partner with an international medical NGO. Should a public appeal be necessary, funds will be raised to help provide essential medical supplies and medical teams to treat Iraqis suffering the horrors of war, and for the critical post-conflict reconstruction.

Australian Red Cross Contact: Ian Woolverton Tel. (03) 9345 1868 or Mob. 0418 526 850

There are currently three Australian Red Cross delegates in the Iraq region. No additional Australian delegates will be sent for the moment, however there are several more people on standby should the need arise. Australian Red Cross is working within the extensive operations of the Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement, primarily in the health and water and sanitation areas, along with the logistics pipelines necessary for implementation.

Australia for UNHCR Contact: Naomi Steer, Tel: 02 9262 5377 Mobile: 0403 325 377

UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency, is working to protect and assist refugees in the region. UNHCR has been prepositioning emergency stocks - tents, blankets, plastic tarpaulins, mattresses, stoves, kitchen sets etc - for a possible 600,000 Iraqi refugees in Turkey, Iran, Syria and Jordan. UNHCR has appealed for $US60m to purchase necessary supplies and to operate the camps for one month, with $US22m received to date. In the event of refugee flows, UNHCR will focus on its mandated international protection role, including monitoring in support of keeping the borders open and ensuring that the rights of refugees are respected. Additionally, UNHCR will register refugees and will seek the continued protection of some 100,000 refugees already living in Iraq. UNHCR will also work with governments to provide essential services, including food, basic shelter, water, sanitation facilities, health care and clothing.

Tax deductible donations call 1300 361 288.

Baptist World Aid Contact: Les Fussell Tel. (02) 9451 1199

Are currently accepting donations and will work through a local partner for relief work in Iraq. A small amount has already been sent to the Northern border to help with medical relief for Kurdish refugees arriving there. Donations: 1300 789 991.

CARE Australia Contact: Kerry Taylor Tel. (02) 6279 0250 or Mob. 0419 567 777

CARE Australia has worked continuously in central and southern Iraq since 1991 and has expertise in water and sanitation as well as health. Efforts now will concentrate relief efforts on water, health and food distribution in Iraq. Have established a Regional Co-ordination unit in Amman, Jordan to prepare emergency relief response and help refugees in the region. Australians on the ground in Amman at forefront of emergency response. Available spokespeople are CEO Paul Mitchell and Robert Yallop (who started CARE's work in Iraq in 1991) as well as workers on the ground.

Tax deductible donation call 1800 249 880.

Caritas Contact: Katie Ritchie Tel. (02) 9956 5799 or Mob. 0417 284 831

The Caritas Internationalis network is working in Iraq, Northern Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Turkey to prepare for the expected flows of displaced persons and to provide medical, food and shelter relief for Iraqi civilians in the event of a conflict.

In Iraq, Caritas Australia is supporting local partner, Caritas Iraq, to cope with an emergency situation should there be a strike on Iraq. Caritas Iraq is working with the Iraqi Red Crescent and Red Cross and has equipped 40 medical centres with medical equipment. It has also trained 42 doctors and 220 volunteers for emergency and field medical responses. Caritas Iraq has taken measures to ensure water supplies by digging surface wells in Caritas Centres and Churches. Further water and sanitation preparation is under way. Caritas Iraq also has a support base in Jordan preparing for emergency responses after a possible conflict. Caritas Australia will consider an appeal based on need.

Tax deductible donations call 1800 024 413.

Christian Blind Mission International (CBMI) Contact: Eric van Cuylenburg

Tel. (03) 9816 1586 Mob. 0417 129 575

CBMI has developed special aid programs to cope with the influx of refugees expected to flee Iraq to neighbouring countries. In close cooperation with other aid organisations, CBMI will care for refugees with war related injuries such as severe eye and ear damage, or urgent need for orthopaedic intervention and care. Patients with severe injuries will be sent immediately to the CBMI-supported Hospital in near by Amman, capital of Jordan. CBMI will also send a team of medical staff into the field hospitals at the Iraq-Jordan border, providing medical intervention at the border camps to optimise the care of those injured, and thus minimise the possibility of them developing permanent disabilities.

Muslim Aid Australia ph. 02 9740 4143 Has launched an Iraqi Emergency Appeal for the provision of Medical Aid, Infant Formula, Water Purification, Food Parcels, Clothing, and Blankets. Donations 1800 100 786

National Council of Churches (NCCA) Contact: Caesar D'Mello Tel. (02) 9299 2215

Working with Middle East Council of Churches as the regional coordinating body based in Amman. NCCA will contribute funds through the ACT Network. MECC is working in collaboration with Iraq Red Crescent, Lutheran World Service & Norwegian Church Aid. Support will be for stockpiling food, medicine, water and shelter.

Tax deductible donations call 1800 025 101.

Oxfam Community Aid Abroad Contact: Carly Hammond Tel. (03) 9289 9413 or Mob. 0409 181 454

OCAA working with Oxfam International (OI) will provide water facilities & environment health support to refugees in Iran, Syria, Turkey & Jordan as required. OCAA has contributed to a public health training program for UNICEF staff in Syria, Jordan and Iran in preparation for the outbreak of war. OI has established offices in Amman, Teheran, Turkey and Syria in order to respond if refugee movement occurs. OCAA staff will be deployed as regional environmental health advisors to the OI program. Spokesperson for OCAA is CEO Andrew Hewett.

OCAA are taking donations for people affected by the war in Iraq.

Tax deductible donations call 1800 034 034.

Overseas Pharmaceutical Aid for Life (OPAL) Contact: Geoff Lockyer/Dara Lockyer Tel. 08 8359 6055 Mob. 0419 825 305

OPAL will commence to prepare emergency medical kits for the field. OPAL currently working with another group Co-Aid. OPAL requested by Medicines Australia to coordinate donations of products from the pharmaceutical manufacturers. Will work with other aid organisations on the ground regarding the supply and distribution of these emergency medical kits if required.

Tax deductible donations call (08) 8359 6055.

Samaritan's Purse Contact: Ian Lucas Tel. (02) 9676 4055 or Mob. O417 067 097

Samaritan's Purse International Relief (SPIR) will focus its initial efforts to address the most basic, immediate needs of the Iraqi people. A forward base of operation established in Amman. SPIR equipped to rapidly respond in the following four areas: Health: respond to the basic health needs of 100,000 people for 3 months, Water: An emergency water treatment, storage and distribution system will be stocked to respond to the water needs of 20,000 people, NFI (Non-Food Items) and Hygiene Kits: preparing kits for internally displaced people for immediate distribution to 5,000 families and Shelter: Enough UV treated, reinforced plastic sheeting will be on hand to provide 4,200 families with at least a 6m x 6m sheet of plastic. SPIR has personnel located in Amman, Jordan and will work through national partners where practical.

Tax deductible donations call (02) 9676 4055.

Save the Children Contact: Ann Wigglesworth

Will support Save the Children UK response. Donations can be made on line at or by post to SCA, PO Box 767, Hawthorn 3122.International Save the Children Alliance Summary of Emergency Appeal

TEAR Australia Contact: Lyn Jackson Tel. (03) 9877 7444

Will support Tearfund UK response. Tearfund UK is mobilizing staff in Jordan and Iran, in preparation for the humanitarian crisis that will result from military intervention. TEAR Aust is preparing to provide support to existing agencies in the region, through Tearfund UK.

UNICEF Contact: Pam Garcia Tel. (02) 9261 2811 or Mob. 0413 736 447

UNICEF Australia is supporting UNICEF's rapid emergency response for children & women in Iraq & the surrounding region of Iran, Turkey, Syria & Jordan. UNICEF has conducted a preventive campaign to bolster children's health and nutrition during the conflict by immunising children against measles and providing high energy biscuits and therapeutic milk to malnourished children. UNICEF has shipped thousands of tonnes of relief supplies to the region, including emergency health kits, vaccines, nutritional supplements such as high protein biscuits and therapeutic milk, educational supplies, water storage units, water purification tablets, hygiene items, blankets and shelter material. Supplies will be distributed through UNICEF offices in Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria and Jordan.

UNICEF is the lead agency for the provision of clean water and sanitation in Iraq and the surrounding region and is responsible for the provision of non-food items within and outside of Iraq. UNICEF will provide ongoing water and sanitation services support to Baghdad, & will provide water purification tablets, rehabilitate water treatment plants, & restore sewerage services across Iraq. UNICEF will play a major role in children's health, nutrition, education and protection.

Tax deductible donations call 1300 132 370

Union Aid Abroad/APHEDA Contact: Peter Jennings

Tel. (02) 9264 9343 or Mob. 0409 047 353

Established alliance with European labour network. Launching an appeal for funds to support relief efforts with refugees in Suleimaniya in northern Iraq in cooperation with Norwegian People's Aid and Swiss Workers' Aid.

Tax deductible donations call 1800 888 674.

World Vision Australia Contact: Stacy Hume Tel. (03) 9827 2356 or Mob 0403 989 186; Martin Thomas Tel. (03) 9287 2766 or Mob 0401 712 644

Operating in Jordan, Syria, Iran, and possibly Turkey & Iraq in partnership with other organisations. Assisting with all aspects of relief work, including funding, provision and distribution of supplies, health services and transport. Spokespeople are CEO Lynn Arnold & relief workers on the ground.

Tax deductible donations call 13 32 40.