6th KFHR medical mission to Iraq

Term: 18 July - 3 Aug, 2003

Jung Sang Ho (Dentist, Leader)
Choi Yoon Jung (Activist)
Son Jung Suk (Pharmacist)
Kim Na Yeon (Medical Doctor)


1. Epidemiologic study
2. Contribution of medicine and medical equipment

1. Epidemiologic study

1.1 Background

In May, the 5th Iraqi team have made a research on the health status and psychological trauma on children. We have information that some other NGOs are running similar projects.

This time, we are planning to evaluate the actual heath needs and the routine how people utilizes health care system. We are also planning to observe how Iraqi people are trying to re-establish their primary medical system.

Through the work of our previous Iraqi teams, we came to a conclusion that the most urgent health issue in Iraq is the re-establishment of primary care system, and this must be done on Iraqi people's initiative.

Through this study, we are expecting to view the need of primary care system, the present condition of rebuilding effort of Iraqi people, and the point that external support is needed. A professor of Seoul National University Medical School, Kim Chang Yub, is joining this study.

1.2 Method

- Visiting Interview: visit 250 families in each 8 villages, making up 2000 cases.

The questionnaire consists of basic information about family, presence of disease, need of medical care, use of medical service before and after the war, etc.

- Interview of medical staffs of 10 health centers

The basic status of the health centers including personnel and equipment; population of the surrounding area; condition of infrastructure such as water, electricity, food supply, and security status; medical need of the area, and how much it is fulfilled; and the extent of support by external organizations

1.3. Expected Effect

- Make the basic information of the status of primary health care system of New Baghdad area.

- Use the result as the reference of making decision on the priority of support.

- Evaluate the impact of war on health.

2. Contribution of medicine and medical equipment

2.1. Background and Objectives

We want to support the health centers that the KFHR team had helped.

The 6th team will visit the health centers again and evaluate how it is running and what is needed. As the 'Flash Appeal for the Humanitarian Requirements of the Iraq Crisis' indicates, we will look for the best way to support the Iraqi people run their health centers.

2.2. Method

- We are planning to visit Al Mashtel health center and other health centers and evaluate the needs of the local area.

- According to our information, most medicines and medical equipments are available locally, so we are planning to buy those materials in Baghdad.

- The list of needed medicines and equipments will be decided after the 6th team does the assessment. Then it will be purchased and distributed to the needed places.

- The budget for the purchase is about 80 thousand dollars, which the 6th team will carry it to Baghdad.