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3RP Partner Support to Iraq’s Response to COVID-19, 1 July 2020

Situation Report
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3RP partners in Iraq require USD 77,986,534 to support national efforts in the response to COVID-19 over a period of 6 months COVID-19 measures adopted by the Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government are temporarily affecting the ability to implement some of the 3RP activities. Still, most basic services continue to be delivered in camps and in areas with a high density of displaced populations, and overall access to health and WASH services continues to be guaranteed. The two main challenges to date are the halt of certain activities due to movement restrictions in the KR-I and the closure of border crossing points. UNHCR, as the 3RP lead agency, will continue to monitor the rapidly changing situation and, in close collaboration with 3RP Sector leads, further assess and advise on how to implement life-saving activities in case the COVID-19 measures adopted by the host authorities in Iraq continue to negatively affect the 3RP response due to limitations in freedom of movement, limited access to persons of concern, and non-functioning public services.

The 3RP Sectors identified priority activities to respond to the COVID-19 emergency and to ensure continuity in humanitarian refugee response. The proposed priority activities have characteristics such as life-saving response, sensitive protection work and COVID-19 awareness-raising and hygiene outreach related to containing the virus, and are in conjunction with the prioritized HRP activities endorsed by the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) and COVID-19 Operations Cell based on PC1/PC2 UN Programme Criticality Assessment in Iraq (December 2019). The COVID-19 response and measures will be incorporated and coordinated through the existing Iraq Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP) structures at national, regional, and governorate level, targeting some 290,000 refugees and asylum seekers of all nationalities, and will be in conjunction with guidance and instructions from the GoI, the KRG, the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) and the COVID-19 Crisis Operations Cell.