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WFP Iran Country Brief, January 2017



  • In January, WFP assisted 12,720 people with full entitlements and 15,731 with partial entitlements (8,966 woman 5,975 girls, 7,966 men and 6,544 boys).

Operational Updates

  • WFP Iran conducted a reassessment exercise conducted in Rafsanjan settlement from 08-10 January to review the full and partial food entitlements of the people assisted, as per one of the recommendations of the post-distribution monitoring.

  • In January, 96 mt of locally purchased vegetable oil was delivered to the settlements to cover three months of requirement for all refugees and girls’ take-home entitlement until the end of March.

  • WFP Iran has purchased 150 mt of rice internationally to cover the food requirements of 12,500 refugees for a period of three months. Incountry commodity delivery is expected in March.

  • In January, WFP Iran was able to provide all five food commodities (rice, lentils, wheat flour and vegetable oil) in all 19 settlements without any reductions.