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WFP Iran Country Brief, December 2016

Situation Report
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  • In December, WFP assisted 12,584 people with full entitlements and 16,109 with partial entitlements (8,034 woman 6,026 girls, 8,034 men and 6,599 boys).

Operational Updates

  • Following to long lead time for international purchase of lentils and incomparable local price of the commodity, WFP Iran is – for the first time – in the process of purchasing 90mt of Textured Soy Protein (TSP) to avoid any gap in distribution. A nutritionally adequate replacement, TSP is a good source of protein. This purchase order will cover the nutritional needs of 30,000 refugees for two months. In addition, 150mt of rice has been purchased internationally to cover three months requirement of 12,500 refugees who benefit from WFP full ration.

  • Local purchase of 150mt of pasta for the first time is under process to replace the internationally procured rice which is estimated to arrive in Country end of March. This action is taken to avoid any gaps in distribution of rice during the period of February/ March 2017.

  • In December, WFP Iran was able to provide all five food commodities (rice, lentils, wheat flour and vegetable oil) in all 19 settlements without any reductions.

  • In December, 17 settlements received distributions of vegetable oil as part of WFP’s take-home entitlement incentive. However, due to a shortfall of the commodity, Rafsanjan and Torbat e Jam did not receive their monthly distribution.

  • In December, 66 refugees (22 women and 44 men) participated in Technical and Vocational Training Organization courses organized in four settlements of Ardakan, Mohajerin and Torbat e Jam. In addition to the skills training, all participants received vegetable oil as an incentive.


All international humanitarian assistance for refugees is administered by BAFIA, the government department responsible for refugee affairs. BAFIA is accountable to and responsible for WFP customs clearance, storage and distribution of WFP commodities. The Refugee Council at each settlement constitutes the Food Management Committee, where men and women refugee members participate in food storage and distribution under the supervision of BAFIA. WFP’s PRRO is implemented in close cooperation and coordination with UNHCR.