Updated/ Red Crescent Provides Emergency Sheltering for more than 13,300 people in East Azerbaijan Earthquake

TABRIZ/TEHRAN, 23 November 2019 (IRCS) – The Iranian Red Crescent has provided emergency sheltering for 13,348 affected people following the earthquake which struck Miyaneh County, East Azerbaijan.

An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.9 on the Richter scale hit northwestern Iran in Miyaneh County in East Azerbaijan Province on Friday, 8 November 2019, at a depth of 8 km at 02:17 a.m. local time.

The earthquake killed five people and injured 584, who mostly received outpatient services, according to officials. All the casualties were reportedly from Varnakesh village.

66 people were injured by destruction of their houses, and 518 others by panic or rushing to escape.

The Red Crescent provided emergency shelter to 13,348 affected people in the seven most affected villages. Red Crescent relief workers have set up 3,337 tents to shelter the affected families.

Red Crescent also has distributed 1,638 kerosene lamp, 2,658 food parcels for 72 hours, 2,658 food parcels for one month in Miyaneh and Sarab quake-hit areas, 380 package of bread, 12,352 kg of plastic nylons, 3,986 blankets, 965 ground sheets, 6,000 mineral water bottles, 13,534 edible oil bottles, 440 kitchen sets and 580 electric heater among the people.

The worst damage was reported in Varnakesh village with 40 demolished houses.

This earthquake was felt in six towns of East Azerbaijan province, including Miyaneh, Tark, Sarab, Turkman Chay, Bostan Abad, Hashtrood, and 145 villages.

The Iranian Red Crescent has deployed 57 operational and assessment teams, including 290 relief workers and rescuers to the affected regions. The Red Crescent aid workers have rendered relief services to 81 villages.

Furthermore, two relief helicopters have been deployed for more assess.

“Emergency shelter has been provided in affected areas. Emergency food is also distributed among the affected people. Tents, blankets, lanterns and 72-hours food parcels have been sent to the affected regions.” said Morteza Salimi, head of Relief and Rescue Organisation of the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS).

The 5.9-magnitude earthquake has so far had 153 aftershocks, the largest of which was 4.8 magnitude. In addition to Varnakesh village, other areas have been damaged by fallen roofs and cracked walls (33 villages in Miyaneh, 29 villages in Sarab). The quake was also felt in West Azerbaijan, Gilan, Ardebil and Zanjan provinces.

The earthquake killed 1350 livestock in Miyaneh and Sarab Counties. It also cut the power of 7,000 people in Sarab County, which was reconnected immediately.

Iranian Red Crescent President Ali Asghar Peyvandi visited affected areas in Miyaneh and Sarab Counties on November 9. Mr Peyvandi monitored the services which were rendered to the affected people, including emergency sheltering centers by the Red Crescent.