Two Hundred and Fifty Housing Units Are Constructed at Dehloran Affected By Earthquake Regions

from Islamic Republic News Agency
Published on 27 Sep 2014 View Original

The Governor of Dehloran informed about construction of two hundred and fifty housing units at affected by earthquake regions at this township. Sabzi expressed: one thousand and eight hundred housing units were damaged at these regions due to earthquake. He added: two hundred and fifty housing units are requiring to complete reconstruction and one thousand and five hundred other units ought to be repaired. Sabzi emphasized on expertise visiting from damaged houses and pointed out to cooperation with Housing Foundation and municipality about issuing of permits. He stated: supervisors of reconstruction taskforce and experts are supervising on method of constructions and repairing of damaged regions as well and units should be reconstructed from view point of quality and desired level.

Sabzi, priority works of reconstruction taskforce announced construction of damaged housing units and said: units that are requiring to repairing are placing other stage.