Severe flash floods kill nine in south-western Iran

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Devastating flash floods in south-western Iran have left nine people dead, 49 injured and dozens homeless. Heavy rains, which began on Jan 11, caused the flooding in the provinces of Booshehr, Khozestan, Ghazvin, Chaharmahal, Bakhtiyari and Fars.
The Iranian Red Crescent immediately mobilized some 250 relief workers, as well as boats, helicopters and heavy equipment, to evacuate people trapped by rising waters and to clear roads. They also provided first aid and transported eight of the most severely injured people to hospital.

Following the emergency phase of rescue and evacuation, the Iranian Red Crescent teams distributed relief items to flood victims, including blankets, tents, food, mineral water, clothes, stoves and lanterns.

Last August, severe flooding in northern Iran, in Golestan province, has left more than 200 people dead and hundreds injured. The Iranian Red Crescent teams had helped rescue more than 15,000 people.