Population Exposure Analysis to Halabjah Earthquake, M 7.3, Iran/Iraq, 12 November 2017

Published on 12 Nov 2017 View Original


On Sunday 12 November 2017 at 18:18 UTC time, a M7.3 earthquake hit the northern Iran-Iraq border area at a depth of ~20km. The epicenter is located between the Iranian Kermanshah Province and the Iraqi Governorate of Sulaymaniyah, at 220 km northeast from Baghdad, Iraq, and at 620 km west from Tehran, Iran. According to media reports as of 13 November 2017, 335 casualties have been reported and 2,530 people have been estimated injured.

Based on the intensity data from the USGS as of 13 November 2017, and population data from WorldPop-2015 (100m, 1km resolution), UNITAR-UNOSAT conducted a population exposure analysis in response of the earthquake event on the Iran-Iraq border. Based on the analysis results, which are detailed in this report, UNITAR-UNOSAT identified more than 4,700,000 people exposed to intensities greater than V.