Iraqi/Iranian Border Earthquake TRC Aid Report

from Turkish Red Crescent Society
Published on 13 Nov 2017

7.3 magnitute and 19 km deep earthquake occurred at a distance of 32 km south-west of the Iraqi city of Aleppo, at a point near the Iraqi / Iranian border, at 21:19 Turkey time.

The earthquake was felt at Syria, Kuwait, Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates, as well as in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia. According to the first reports of the earthquake that 7 people lost their lives in Iraq and about 50 people were injured. In Iran, according to official news agency IRNA, 341 lives and about 5,953 people were injured.

It is stated that 8 villages in Iraq Suleymaniye, 1 dam had great damage and it was asked to evacuate the nearby settlement areas near Derbendihan Dam. In addition, electricity has been cut off in Sulaymaniye and the internet and telephone lines are disconnected.

In Iran, it is stated that most of the loss of life occurs in the Sarpol-e Zahab town of Kermanshah province 15 km away from the Iraqi border. Speaking to Iranian state television, Vice Governor of Kermanshah Province, Mucteba Niykerdar; and that they were worried that the number of dead and wounded would increase. In addition, the statement made by the Governor of Kermanshah province announced that the mourning for 3 days was declared due to the earthquake.

Trucks loaded from Regional Disaster Management Centers in Adana, Mus, Erzurum and Elazıg with humanitarian relief materials consisting of; 3.000 tents, 10.000 blankets, 3.000 heaters,10.000 mattresses and 1 mobile kitchen are heading towards the region. Developments are being closely monitored in coordination with the Iraqi Red Crescent Society and Iranian Red Crescent Society.

In addition, the Turkish Red Crescent Iraqi Delegation staff in Erbil has been mobilized to the post-earthquake zone and has begun to work on needs assessment.

News are followed by Turkish Red Crescent National Disaster Management Crisis Panel.