Iran Quake-Kerman Province: Information Bulletin n° 3

The situation Report

A magnitude 6.1 earthquake hit the Hijdak area in Kerman province on Friday, 1st December 2017 at 06:02 a.m. local time. So far, 461 aftershocks have rocked the region with the biggest of that scales 5.5 on the Richter according to the Iranian seismological centre. Assessments have been done in 30 cities and villages and the Iranian Red Crescent is providing relief assistance to 15 villages in Hijdak district.

Iranian Red Crescent

Since the occurrence of the earthquake, Kerman provincial branch of the Iranian Red Crescent Society immediately commenced its relief and rescue emergency operations with support from 6 Red Crescent provincial braches of Yazd, Fars, Khorasane-Razavi, Khorasane-Jonoubi, Sistano-Balouchestan and Hormozgan. Also five provincial branches of the Iranian Red Crescent are on standby for any unpredicted emergencies.

14 operational team including 70 Red Crescent relief workers and rescuers with the help of 21 operational vehicles including 6 ambulances, 6 light 4WD vehicles and 9 rescue vehicles, 2 sniffing dog teams and 1 helicopter are rendering humanitarian services to the quake affected people. 203 tents have been setup for the affected people up to now and totally 1.015 people have received emergency sheltering services so far.

The operational teams reached 21 villages and distributed humanitarian relief items such as 1.061 blankets, 396 ground sheets, 182 heaters, 1.148 canned food, 220 packages of bread, 35 kg of date and 388 bottles of drinking water for the affected people. The IRCS has also established camps in 4 villages for people who cannot go to their houses.

Contact information

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