Iran opens 1st int'l humanitarian minesweeping training center

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According to the Defense Ministry website, the center aims at training experts in minesweeping and the relevant fields for countries that are struggling with the issue of mines left over from wars.

He said the center will focus on upgrading the scientific level of the training regarding humanitarian minesweeping in the region and the world.

Workshops for discovering and neutralizing mines and ammunition, individual and mechanized protection of sweeping, exhibition of improvised explosive devices (IED), and simulation of mine fields among services provide3d in this center.

The center simulates the war-stricken areas of southwestern Iran with different scenarios for training. The scenarios include various obstacles and contamination.

Among other facilities of the center are accommodation, air transportation, and health and treatment services.

Iran has aimed to clean all the mines left from the Iraqi invasion of Iran in order to let the contaminated area to develop economically and socially and also provide safe living conditions for the people of the areas. Iran also tries to transfer its experiences to other countries.