Iran: Kerosene heaters distributed in Zarand

Operation Mercy have confirmed with the Red Crescent the need for further urgent relief aid in the Zarand area in Iran where a massive earthquake took place on Feb. 22, 2005 leaving over 10,000 families homeless and hundreds dead.
Most of the earthquake victims are located in mountainous regions of Zarand and Ravar and soon rain and snow will be coming. These families are going through the winter living in tents and probably will continue living like this for the coming year.

The plastic sheets to cover the tents that Operation Mercy initially distributed this Spring and Summer have become worn out due to the intense summer heat that often was 110-120 degrees F.

Operation Mercy has been requested to help the 1500 most needy families who have suffered from this devastating earthquake, and recently kerosene heaters were distributed to help these families through the winter cold.