Iran: IRCS activities in tackling Gonu Cyclone

In an organized effort, the IRCS Provincial Branches of Isfahan, Fars, Kerman, Sistan va Balouchestan and Hormozgan as well as Relief & Rescue Organization did their utmost for preventive relief measures in order to combat with cyclone and reduce its impact as follows:

Preparedness activities for Hormozgan province:

1- Shipment of 5,000 relief tents from IRCS Isfahan province

2- Shipment of 6,000 mouqettes from IRCS Fars province

3- Dispatch of 1 (M17) helicopter from Relief & Rescue Organization

4- Authorization for the purchase of 50,000 KGS of rice, 20,000 KGS of edible oil, and 3,000 hygiene sets.

5- Purchase and shipment of 3,000 blankets and 2,000 kitchen sets from IRCS Kerman province.

Preparedness activities by Hormozgan province:

1- Loading 9,000 tins of canned beans, 50,000 tins of canned tuna fish, 4,000 KGS of edible oil, 4,000 KGS of sugar, 315 moquettes and their shipment to Minab and Jask cities.

2- Dispatch of a team of search and rescue dogs to Jask city

3- Dispatch of relief teams by 2 ambulances and 4 Toyota vans equipped with radio telecommunication.

4- Contact with IRCS Chabahar Provincial Branch and attending Task Force sessions of the province.

5- Announcing preparedness to the IRCS Branch of Jask, Minab, Roudan, Bashagard and Qeshm Island.

6- Announcing readiness and calling up of all relief teams throughout the province

Preparedness activities for Sistan va Balouchestan province:

1- Authorization for purchase of 8,000 cartons of loaves of bread through Fars province.

2- Purchase of 100,000 tins of canned beans and 100,000 tins of canned tuna fish from Kerman province.

3- Purchase and dispatch of 30 Tons of loaves of bread, 32,000 bottles of mineral water and 30 Tons of dates from Kerman province.

4- Announcing readiness to all Branches and calling up of relief teams as per designed operational chart of Kerman province.

5- Coordination with governorship headquarters and participation in the TF sessions of Kerman province.

Preparedness measures taken by Sistan va Balouchestan province:

1- Establishing 100 relief tents in Konarak District

2- Establishing 100 relief tents in International University of Chabahar free zone.

3- Coordination for guiding and sheltering people in mosques and schools.

4- Provision and distribution of 10,000 tins of canned beans, 5,500 loaves of bread and 2,000 bottles of mineral water.

5- Forming Divisions and Subdivisions in Konarak District.

6- Rendering preparedness for all relief teams along with required equipment

Preparedness measures taken by the IRCS Kerman Province:

1- Shipment of 200,000 tins of canned food, and 100,000 tins of canned tuna fish to Sistan va Balouchestan province.

2- Shipment of 30,000 loaves of bread to Sistan va Balouchestan province.

3- Shipment of 30,000 KGS of dates to Sistan va Balouchestan province

4- Dispatch of 2 relief teams with full equipment and individual food items to Chabahar zone.

5- Sending out 30,000 1/5 lb of mineral water to Sistan va Balouchestan province.

6- Shipment of 12,000 blankets and 2,800 kitchen sets to Hormozgan province.

7- Shipment of 10,000 blankets, 20 rolls of plastic sheets, 500 tents, 1,000 tins of canned food to Qale Ganj area.

8- Shipment of Tons of food items namely sugar, rice, and edible oil from Kahnouj to Qale Ganj area.

9- Shipment of 20,000 tins of canned tuna fish, 5,000 1/5 lb of mineral water and 5,000 loaves of bread from the IRCS Jiroft Branch to Qale Ganj area.

10- Shipment of 10,000 tins of canned beans, 14,000 tins of canned tuna fish and 10,000 loaves of bread from IRCS Kerman province to Ghale Ganj area.

11- Loading 3,500 food baskets in a helicopter dispatched from Tehran in order to be shipped to the Ghale Ganj area.