Iran: IBC has responded to zarand earthquake by delivering food and basic needs packages

IBC was one of the first responding international relief agencies to Zarand earthquake/Iran. Trocaire and UMCOR have contributed to IBC relief campaign in Zarand..

The earthquake hit scores of villages in Zarand region caused the death of 627 people and injured more than 2000. More than 20 villages affected and two of them Daghuye and Gethukiye are totally destroyed.

IBC relief packages were containing food for a family of five persons per month,heaters,ovens and blankets. More than 1000 families benefited from the relief campaign.

According to the information IBC field team provided there is an emergency need of permanent houses and restoration of economic life in the region by support to the livestock and agriculture production.

International Blue Crescent Foundation will continue the relief operation in Zarand.

Iranian authorities are in fear for further earthquakes in the region and desperately asking for disaster management and preparedness trainings and assistance for the state staff and NGO's. In addition resistable to earthquake building systems are very much appreciated.