Iran: Fortification against quake, lesson to be learned from Bam earthquake

Majlis Speaker Gholam-Ali Haddad Adel here Sunday said that if a lesson should be learned from Bam devastating quake, it will be about fortification of buildings against earthquake.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the building materials fair and technical-engineering base in the quake-hit city of Bam, he urged the requirement for a nationwide fortification of buildings as a sacred task and Jihad.

Turning to the planning and management of Bam reconstruction as a successful national experience, Haddad Adel said, "It can be hoped that the quake-stricken city will soon serve as a good example of Iranian management and expertise both on the domestic and international scene.

"The officials in charge managed to turn the threat associated with the earthquake into an opportunity and proved how a determined nation succeeded in reconstructing the demolished city better than it originally was."

He expressed confidence that in the near future, once its reconstruction process is completed, the city will enjoy a high status in southwestern Iran and will make a leap forward.

Appreciating all those involved in the process, the Majlis speaker referred to the dual aspect of every measure, of which one is quite apparent and the other is not disclosed and reiterated the need to thank all those involved in such a sacred proceeding.

The fair on building materials and engineering services is held in an area of 7,000 square meters on the outskirts of the quake-hit city of Bam.

Some 35 consulting companies from housing sector and six from trade sector are participating in the ongoing fair.