Iran: Floods Appeal n° MDRIR002 Operation Update #04



The Operation Update provides information on progress of the ongoing response operation. The operational strategy of the Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) is pursued, with activities implemented in line with EPoA timelines.


Description of the disaster

Heavy rainfalls and storms continued for weeks from mid-March to early April 2019 that led to extensive flooding and destruction of home, livelihood, food stocks of people in the country’s 31 provinces. The provinces of Golestan (northeastern Iran), Ilam, Lorestan and Khuzestan (all southwestern Iran) have been hit most severely particularly on infrastructures, roads, water and power installations. The floods affected 10 million people leaving two million persons in need of humanitarian assistance. 78 persons lost their lives while 2,408 people are reported injured. More than 4,893 cities and villages have been hit by the floods, 179,000 houses were destroyed/damaged.

Over 1,200 schools and 70 hospitals/health centers were damaged/destroyed. About 365,000 people were temporarily displaced, staying in emergency / temporary shelters, with relatives or host families. Agricultural areas were heavily hit, about one million hectares of farmland flooded.
According to the authorities, the disaster inflicted some USD 4.1 billion of damage on various sectors (including USD 1.5 billion in agriculture).