Iran: Floods and Earthquake - Information Bulletin n° 1

Situation Report
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The Disaster

Recent rainfall has caused flooding in central and southern provinces of the country.

Fars Province:
Jahrom City: In Kodiyan village, 16 residential units have been surrounded by flood waters and severe tropical winds have caused some destruction.

Stahban City: A few houses have been surrounded by flood water in the south part of the city and sustained minor damages. Meanwhile, parts of Ij village are surrounded by water.

Sepidan City: Flooding in Beiza region has cut some roads leading to villages.

Firoozabad: The road from Firoozabad to Shiraz, the capital of the province, in tonkab area was washed away. Also, the bridge in Sirjan village of Firoozabad district has collapsed.

Kohkilojeh and Boyerahmad Province:
Dehdasht City: As a result of landslide in Doghaleh village, five families were affected with two persons dead, one injured and some 80 livestock destroyed.

Isfahan Province:
24 hours of heavy rains caused flooding in North, North-East and North-West of the province especially in the cities of Gorgab, Shahinshahr, Gaz, Mahmooddabad, Khomeinishahr and Kashan.

Khozstan Province:
Torrential rainfall led to the overflowing of Hendijan river. The road from Hendijan to Mahshahr and Omidieh has been cut. Some residential and commercial units in the cities of Andimeshek, Desfool and Ram Hormoz have been surrounded by the flood waters.

Kerman Province:
Sirjan City: On 27 February, after 38 millimetres of rainfall, the rural roads of Sirjan, Shahrbabak and Bardsir districts were washed away. Some residential units have been damaged by the floods in Hendijan city. The 50 kms. between Chamkalgeh and Nasarabad are submerged. On 4 March, flooding was reported in villages in the districts of Shoushtar, Dezfool, Andimeshk, Masjeedsoleiman, Behbahan, Ramhormos, Mahshahr, Shadgan and Ahwaz.

Baft City: The torrential rains have damaged some village houses.

Rayeen District:
Some residential units have been damaged in Goroh village.

Booshehr Province:
Borazjan district: On 2 March, the torrential rains led to the overflowing of Heleh river and flooding in villages of Mekabery and Naghiabad in the Borazjan districts.

Khorasan Province:
Fariman district: On 3 March, rains caused flooding in the village of Balaband. Electricity and telecommunications have been cut and some farms damaged. No casualties reported.

Yazd Province:
Due to torrential rainfall on 5 March in Yazd City some residential and commercial units were surrounded by flood waters.

On 4 March, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.3 on the Richter Scale jolted the 3 southern provinces of Kerman, Fars & Hormozgan. Zehmakan, Tangabshoyeh, Serny and Narvand villages of Kahnooj District and Soghan village of Baft District and Isfandagheh village of Jiroft District sustained extensive damage. The quake afftected 524 houses altogether -- 14 houses were destroyed completely, and the rest affected from 20% to 80%. No casualties were reported.

On 5 March, two smaller earthquakes occurred in Nahbandan in Khorassan province and Garmsar District of Tehran province, damaging 17 houses.

Red Cross/Red Crescent Action


Fars Province:
The Society's local branches have dispatched five teams of relief workers to the stricken areas. One helicopter flew to Arsanjan district to assess the situation.

Kohkilojeh and Boyerahmad Province:
Relief workers dispatched to the affected area distributed 10 tents, lanterns, stoves and 365 kg. of food, clothing, shoes and blankets.

Isfahan Province:
Relief teams were dispatched to the affected areas, with 30 relief workers, three dredging trucks and ten equipped relief vehicles. The relief operation is still continuing.

Khozstan Province:
IRCS branches relief teams with relief equipment have left for the stricken areas.

Kerman Province:
Branch relief workers have started a relief operation. The Baft branch of the Society despatched some relief workers to the affected area to help the victims.

Yazd Province:
The branch's relief teams with relief equipment were despatched to the affected region. 17 water pumps, two dredging trucks and three generators and 46 relief workers were despatched to the city of Yazd from the Isfahan Red Crescent Branch.


85 relief workers with 14 vehicles were dispatched to the Kerman area and are providing assistance to the victims. Due to the cold weather and the type of the rural houses, tents and blankets take priority, but food and other relief items have also been distributed. So far, 150 tents have been supplied, plus 2.3 tons of foodstuffs.

The IRCS Khorasan provincial branch forwarded 500 tents to the affected area. Communications equipment has been set up in the affected area in order to coordinate the operation.


The National Society is able to respond to relief needs with its own resources.

Abdel Karim Bensiali
Middle East and North Africa Department

Peter Rees-Gildea
Operations Funding and Reporting Department

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