Iran Earthquake Update No.2

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Iran - South Khorasan Earthquake - MEIN71
Dear Friends,

This update contains information from ACT/MECC progress and financial reports concerning emergency assistance provided to victims of the Khorasan earthquake which occurred on 10 May 1997. The earthquake destroyed numerous villages, killing 1728 persons, injuring 5059 and leaving thousands of families homeless.

ACT/MECC - Appeal MEIN71: The initial appeal for US$ 153,000 (issued 16 May 1997), was originally targeted for completion within a 3 month period. Following a further assessment of emergency needs and a generous response from ACT donors, the appeal assistance and target was subsequently raised to $294,700 and the implementation period extended until 16 November 1997.

Appeal Coverage to Date is $336, 355.47 or 114%.

ACT/MECC Appeal Assistance Implemented To Date

Emergency Food Stocks $25,200
Tents & Tent Cloth 19,681
Blankets 39,439
Kitchen Utensils 3,850
Hygienic Supplies 10,950
Shoes 3,582
Lanterns 3,548
Transport Costs 3,240
Various Other Needs 510
Total: $110,000

ACT/MECC has implemented this assistance in cooperation with the Iranian Red Crescent Society and local officials. The ACT assistance has been directed and monitored by the MECC Field Officer based in Iran, who has also worked directly in the earthquake zone.

Additional input provided by the MECC Field Officer includes:

- Destruction in the centre of the earthquake zone reaches nearly 100%

- Most buildings in the earthquake zone were re-built following the 1958 earthquake and were of brick and cement construction

- Most persons are now living in tents and have sufficient food supplies

- The most urgent need at the present time is for hygienic houses and medical treatment centres.

ACT/MECC has requested a re-alignment of the appeal activities and budget to allow appeal funds to be utilized for the re-construction of 2 medical hygiene houses and 1 medical treatment centre in the earthquake zone. The facilities would be re-constructed through a contract with the Iranian Ministry of Health, Khorasan University Medical Training School, and ACT/MECC. The projected cost for all 3 facilities is US$170,000. ACT/MECC assessment indicates that additional relief materials are not presently needed and that re-construction of the medical facilities is the most critical need for earthquake victims.

The ACT-Coordinating office has contacted network donors to Appeal MEIN71 to obtain approval for re-alignment of appeal funds. Additionally, complete and comprehensive information, project plans and costs, in addition to ACT compliance and monitoring procedures to be utilized, have been requested from ACT/MECC. Following the approval by ACT donors and the provision of all information from ACT/MECC, re-alignment of appeal activities and funding to allow re-construction of the health facilities is anticipated.

The ACT Co-ordinating office and ACT/MECC have planned a ACT visitation to the earthquake areas of Iran and other ACT/MECC projects following the MECC Iraq consultation in October. Dates established for the visitation are 22 to 29 October. Interested ACT Network members have been invited to participate in the visitation.

Additional updated information will be provided following submission by ACT/MECC.

Thank you for your support.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact the ACT Co-ordinating Office.

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