Iran Earthquake Situation Report No.4

Situation Report
Originally published
1. On 4 February 1997 three earthquakes measuring 5.4, 6.1 and 4.0 on the Richter scale rocked Northern Khorasan, and to date the area has experienced approx. 500 aftershocks.
2. The UN Resident Coordinator reports the following information, released on 19 February by the National Disaster Task Force of the Ministry of Interior, on the loss and damages :

- 82 dead in Bojnord
- 6 dead in Shirvan
- 498 injured and hospitalized
- 1,450 injured
- 106 villages damaged in Bojnord
- 67 villages damaged in Shirvan
- 11,000 houses damaged
- 5,500 houses 100 per cent destroyed
- 12,000 perished livestock
- 180 km rural roads damaged

The physical damage is estimated to exceed US Dollars 30 million.

3. The Ministry of Interior is responsible for the coordination of relief activities, which are still being carried out by relief workers from Government services, the Armed Forces, the Red Crescent Society of Iran, other relief agencies and local communities. Assistance so far

Provided by the RCS and state organizations includes 11,500 tents, 38,700 blankets, 4,150 heaters, 1,800 lanterns, 50 tons of plastic sheeting, 14 tons of kerosene, 18 tons of detergents and soap, 175 tons of food items, 62,500 tins of canned food of and 6,000 pieces of clothing and shoes.

4. The Government of Iran has formally advised its preparedness to receive, and welcome, any international humanitarian assistance. The preferred assistance could be cash contributions and/or dispensary tents with medical equipment, tents and blankets. Assistance may be channelled through DHA-Geneva or directly through the UN Office of the Resident Coordinator in Iran.

5. Contributions reported to date:

US Dollars
- DHA Local purchase of relief supplies 40,000
- UNDP Logistical support and coordination 100,000
- UNICEF Medical supplies and water/sanitation equipment. 50,000
- WHO Medical assistance 10,000
- Norway Relief supplies 20,000
- Italy In-kind donation(tents and blankets) and transport 70,000
- Japan Bilateral cash grant 100,000
- MSF Biscuits, plastic sheeting, jerrycans and dispensary
tents) with UNHCR logistical support.

6. DHA is prepared to serve as a channel for cash contributions to be used during the immediate relief phase.Funds are spent in coordination with relevant organizations of the UN system, and DHA provides donor Governments with written confirmation on utilization of funds contributed.

7. Funds should be transferred to DHA account No: CO. 590. 160.1 at Swiss Bank Corporation, Case Postale 2770, CH-1211 Geneva 2, with reference: Iran Earthquake - DHA-Geneva.

8. For coordination purposes, donors are requested to inform DHA-Geneva, as indicated below, of bilateral relief missions/pledges/contributions and their corresponding value by item.

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