Iran: Earthquake - Information Bulletin (9 Nov 2019)

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This bulletin is being issued for information, and reflects the current situation and details available at this time.

The Situation

The earthquake with magnitude of 5.9 that struck northwestern Iran early Friday, 8 November 2019, has left 5 people dead and 584 injured so far.

About 30 kilometer from the epicenter of the earthquake has been affected which includes 6 cities and 145 villages with a population of 121,307. More than 159 aftershocks were felt with the largest 4.8 magnitudes across Turkamanchay in Sarab.

The most affected areas in East Azerbaijan are the cities of Miyaneh, Sarab, Tark, Turkamanchay, Bostanabad, Hashtrood and the villages are varnakesh, Balsin, Gavineh Rood, Shurabil Sarab, and Tinali.

The quake also trembled and was felt in the cities of Nir, Kosar and Sarain in Ardebil province and Miyaneh, Sarab, Tark, Torkamanchay, Bostan Abad and Hashtrood in East Azerbaijan province. The quake caused rock avalanche across transportation routes telecommunication, water sewages, and fire due to the damage of gas pipelines.

As much as 5 people have lost their lives and 584 injured (66 due to falling of debris and 518 due to the fear and stress).