Iran: Earthquake - Information Bulletin (13 Nov 2019)


This bulletin is being issued for information, and reflects the current situation and details available at this time.

The Situation

A magnitude of 5.9 earthquake struck East Azerbaijan (northwestern Iran) on Friday, 8 November 2019, at 02:17 local time. 6 cities and 145 villages with a population of 121,307 have been affected from the epicenter of the earthquake located about 30 km at a 8 km depth. 175 aftershocks were felt with the largest 4.8 magnitudes across Turkman Chay in Sarab.

The most affected areas in East Azerbaijan are the cities of Miyaneh, Sarab, Tark, Turkman Chay, Bostan Abad, Hashtrood and the villages are Varnakesh, Balsin, Gavineh Rood, Shurabil Sarab, and Tinali.

The quake also trembled and was felt in the cities of Nir, Kosar and Sarain in Ardebil province and Miyaneh, Sarab, Tark, Turkman Chay, Bostan Abad and Hashtrood in East Azerbaijan province. The quake caused rock avalanche across transportation routes, telecommunication, water sewages, and fire due to the damage of gas pipelines.

As much as 5 people have lost their lives and 584 injured (66 due to falling of debris and 518 due to the fear and stress); also, 2 dead were reported in Turkman Chay due to Carbon monoxide poisoning.

Red Crescent action

In immediate response to the earthquake, the IRCS has deployed 2 relief helicopters to the affected regions, as well as mobilized 57 assessment, relief and rescue teams including 240 relief workers and rescuers. Assessment conducted in 87 villages so far; and 62 villages have been provided with relief services. Cracked walls and debris drops in 62 villages have also been reported. The people with need for shelter were provided with emergency shelters that have been constructed; so far 12,342 earthquake victims have been hosted in emergency shelters. The Iranian Red Crescent is responding to the disaster to address the needs for relief supplies, evacuation and emergency services, as follow:

  • Alert announcement to the provincial branches of East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Gilan, Ardebil and Zanjan to fully stay on standby

  • Deployment of Field Assessment Teams from Red Crescent provincial branches of Zanjan and West Azerbaijan (neighboring branch)

  • EOC of Relief and Rescue Organization is in communication with quake struck province and its auxiliary provinces for monitoring the situation and report exchange

  • Loading and sending food and livelihood items to affected cities and villages

  • Continuous communication with Iran Meteorological Organization, Iran Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization and Emergency Operation Center of Ministry of Health and Medical Education

  • Reinforcement of the relief warehouses of the East Azerbaijan branch with relief items supplied during emergency

  • Distribution of relief items:

  • Tent: 3091

  • Food parcels: 2,658 (for 72 hours)

  • Food parcels: 414 (for 1 month)

  • Blanket: 3,521

  • Drinking water: 4,595 bottles

  • kerosene lamp: 1,638

  • Electric heater: 411

  • Plastic cover: 3,700 Kg

  • Ground sheet: 909

  • Kitchen sets: 440

  • Packages of bread: 350