Iran: Distribution of relief & food items among flood stricken people of Sistan Baluchistan

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As per Public Relations of Sistan Baluchistan province, the latest activities done for affected people of Cyclone Gonu in Zahedan and cities namely Sarbaz, Chahbahar, Khash, Saravan, Iranshahr, Delkan, and Nikshahr till 21:00 hour local time on 23 June 2007, would be counted as relief tents, moquettes, blankets, kitchen sets, jerry cans, plastic sheets, heaters, lanterns, washing powder, soaps, rice and edible oil, cubic sugar and sugar, tea, pulses, canned beans and canned tuna fish, loaves of bread, mineral water, pairs of shoes and clothes.

Furthermore, relief workers of IRCS Sistan - Baluchistan province distributed 119 bottles of mineral water among affected people of Chahbahar, 129 bags of flour weighing 40 KGS and 140 jerry cans of mineral water among affected people of Nikshahr as well as 70 jerry cans of mineral water among flood hit people of Sarbaz city.

In addition, 1,200 staff and 6,221 relief workers backed by 1,224 vehicles were involved in rendering necessary services to flood stricken people, through which 188 affected families were sheltered in emergency camps.

Moreover, from the beginning of the aforesaid date, 61,558 affected families received relief services.