Iran: Clean water to Qeshm island

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Operation Mercy was able to install nine water tanks to provide the inhabitants of the island off the Iranian coast with clean drinking water.

After the severe earthquake in September last year, Operation Mercy has been helping villages on Qeshm with water tanks, since clean drinking water could no longer be obtained. About 8000 people now benefit from the water tanks on the island that was just recovering after the 2005 earthquake.

Mohammad is a 12 year old boy who studies in the 5th grade in elementary school. He tells us that when the earthquake happened he was playing outside his house with his friends. They were very startled and cried out when they realized that the ground was shaking under them.

The earthquake was very strong and caused a lot of damage. Even some of the buildings which had very stable and strong concrete foundations were affected by the earthquake and many deep cracks appeared in the walls during the quake.

Mohammad's house was destroyed. His family put their tent up under the structure of the new house which they had started to build after the last earthquake in 2005.

At night when it was very cold, and Operation Mercy were installing the water tanks and doing the piping, the children of the villages came to join them. These happy children were very interested in the new tanks. They were eager to help in any way they could.

Before receiving the tanks, the people in some of the villages used to gather water from the rain, but the reservoir was so dirty that severe health problems were occurring. In one of the villages, they had to walk several kilometers to fetch water from a well. It was very hard, especially for the oldest ladies. Now they can fetch their water easily and concentrate on the next step forward - building their village again.

Thank you for your support which made these installations possible!