Iran: BHN opening FM radio station in Bam

Providing lifeline information and mind care for earthquake victims
A donation ceremony of a FM Station loaded in a car with one spare and 1,500 FM radios was held onthe premises of Bam Radio Station at 3p.m. on February 22, 2004.

The mayor deeply appreciated our cooperation saying "We had lots of NGO support from Japan but it is completely new we haven't received. We can now transmit necessary information to every citizen." The FM station broadcasts at a frequency of 97 megahertz with 90-watt output and covers the wholearea of Bam.

Broadcast from the Iranian government operated radio station is nationwide one so that it is not direct lifeline information for the victims.

There was no means to transmit information such as on food and water distribution, and garbage collection. The FM Station BHN provided has solved the problem on the spot.